To our fans - 

We've made an album for you. Creating it has been the most exciting thing we've ever done. It's led us to disrupt everything that was comfortable and familiar to us a short year ago. If there's one thing we've learned in making it it's this - being yourself matters. It matters even when not everyone agrees that you should be or understands why it's important that you are. 

The album is called My Bad Imagination. It's our very first pop album and tonight the first track will be out everywhere, its called Stay In The Dark. Listen loud. 

Thank you for your love, your patience, and for your trust. Come with us. 




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Taterbugchip's picture

Hi Kimberly, Neil, and Reid I will never forget my first concert of you guy it was at the festival of the bells in 2010 when u guys released your self titled album and when you guys came on stage I was excited and after the show you guys signed autographs and I wanna thank you guys for making my first concert amazing and thank you Neil for giving your guitar pick and thank you Reid for giving me yours too PerryFanForLife

Karol_Green_Roque's picture

To be completely honest you have gotten my mom through some hard times. She has went to all of your shows that have have been close to where she was at the time wether it be TN or CA. She takes care of my mamaw whether it be when it is while she is in TN or over the computer when she is in CA I have 2 Aunts in TN who do nothing it seems to falls on my mom; even if she had bck surgery the same dayhen she wakes up she is putting out fires. She served in the USNavy;she then was married to the Navy for anoher 19 years. YOU ARE HER RELEASE FOLLOWINGYOUR MUSIC AND CONCERTS IT IS THE ONLY TIME SHE HAS PUT HERSELF FIRST IN MY ALMOST 26 YEARS ON THIS EARTH AND SHE WILL BE AT YOU CONCERT WITH HUNTER HAYES ON JULY 25TH ME AND MY BROTHER BOUGHT HER THE TICKET WE HAVE NOT TOLD HER YET.